How does it work?

The main idea

This is a free prognostic website on a couple of competition (French Ligue 1, Champion's league, World Cup 2018, Premier league)

Once log in, you will be able to predict the game result for each tournament's gameweek.

The prognostic

There is 2 types of prognostic:

  • The "score" prognostic: You are trying to guess the exact score line of each game to gain the maximum points. You will still have some if you guessed the result (draw, or winner)
  • The "winner" prognostic: You are trying to only guess the winner or draw. the score line doesn't matter

The point are distributed that way :

in the score prognostic:

  • Exact score line : 5 points
  • Correct result: 2 points
  • Incorrect result : 1 point

in the winner prognostic:

  • Correct result: 3 points
  • Incorrect result : 1 point

What happen when the game goes to PK ?

It is the score line at the end of the regular period which matter. So to have the maximum points with a game going to PK, you have predicted a draw.

The table

Once you have your predictions and the games are finishes, the table is automatically updated. There is a couple of classement type.

  • The Gameweek table
  • The tournament table, covering all the gameweeks of one tournament
  • The general table, gathering all you prognostic in all the tournaments you played on.

Once the tournament is over, the point from it are archives and do not show up anymore on the general table. Note that, once archived, the tournament table is still consultable under Archive Tournaments.

The private group

You can join or create a group, which will give access to a private table, only showing the members of your group. It is really convenient when you want to play among your coworkers, friends, temamates, etc.. Those private group are protected, a code will be required to join it. Note that once you join a group you will also be part of the main community.

The private website

If you are not on it means you are on private group. You only the table of this group and not all the other members of' community.

However if you login the general website ( you can see your rank among the entire community

Suggestion? Trouble?

The website is still in alpha/beta mode, if you have any suggestions or spot a bug, you can contact me: